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There are cities you move to, pack up your things, say your goodbyes, and to paraphrase the lovely, fictional Carrie Bradshaw, places you find yourself.

This city of dreams, this city of angels—is one of the best places to do let go of the past and become who you’re meant to be. In spite of the traffic we battle on a daily basis, or the smog, it is a place most of us are happy to call home. It’s a city of entrepreneurs, of dancers and actors, of writers camped out at Starbucks, Peets and Intellegencia.

We’re a one-shop town in many ways, but man do we love our shop. There’s a solidarity in working in the entertainment industry – from the lack of stability to the fact that we keep an eye on each other’s success because it is inter-related.

We’re a town of choreographers and dancers, of writers and of storytellers. Our diversity comes as much from our aspirations as it does from our origins across the country and across the globe. Through it all, we do it with style. And perhaps, with big sunglasses.

It’s a Chic Life. It’s LA. Self Explanatory.

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