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Collaboration and Connections in Beverly Hills

Imagine having your own company –  work from anywhere you want, set your own hours, never worry about doing another self performance review. #girlboss. The reality of it is not quite so black and white.

The trailblazing founders of Savoir Agency, an experiential marketing launched SavoirCollab  in 2017,

“a monthly women-centric event where conversations range from work-life integration to embracing inner beauty & self-expression in order to embolden the female spirit.”

Wednesday night’s event at stk in Beverly Hills, “empowered women empowering women” was a roundtable with four female entrepreneurs – scratch that – four wildly successful female entrepreneurs discussing their journeys into being living embodiments of the American Dream. The moderator for the event was Harmonie Krieger, Founder of popyourshop,an event planning and marketing firm that creates pop-up experiences.

Their businesses and backgrounds cross the spectrum, from personal finance to career empowerment, to sustainability and green environments to artisan goods. These women (Brittney Castro of Financially Wise Women, Sheeva Sairafi of Local+ Lejos, Lauren Mc Goodwin of Career Contessa, and Jaime Nack of Women In Green Forum) are fierce, ambitious, unapologetic – and oh yeah have worked extremely hard to becomes the leaders they are.

Near the end of the evening, event moderator Harmonie Krieger, Founder of popyourshop asked the panelists to share their favorite tools – sidenote – I loved that this was one of those questions that aspiring entrepreneurs could get the nitty-gritty details about how these women get the job done, and stay sane.

  • Be strategic about saying NO – prioritize your business goals, set 3-4 daily goals, and tie those to monthly goals. Be laser focused.
  • Work hard and know when to shut it off – go to the gym, yoga, hiking, etc. Use Asana and Google Docs to track everything – in other words communicate!
  • Protect yourself and your assets – in this case your time is an asset. Set expectations when you schedule meetings, get help when you can.
  • Have consistency and trust in the process – Be patient that your work will pay off, but know that very few people become overnight successes. Create Value every single day!
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