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To infitity and beyond

Fox’s new show Making History, is summed up in this quote- because a janitor by day, weekend time travel via duffle bag isn’t conventional.

History isn’t made by remarkable people, it’s made by unremarkable people doing remarkable things

Adam Pally was hysterical on happy endings (rip) and Leighton Meester inspired countless headband looks from her days as Queen Bee on Gossip Girl (xoxo!) – so it’s quite the pleasure to see them together on  Making History. It’s funny, self-deprecating, and set in a period of history that doesn’t make us collectively cringe.3C6E128300000578-0-Time_travel_The_Teen_Choice_Award_winner_will_appear_on_the_FOX_-m-12_1485187220592.jpg

It’s definitely not a serious show, ie the legal system, people dying in medical dramas or the dirty underbelly of a fictional washington scene. But in the first two episodes, it’s touched on racial inequality, misogyny, and the merits of the second amendment without any kind of restrictions.

The first two episodes have been about preserving the sequence of events that led to the American Revolution – where small changes have the potential to change history.That particular premise isn’t new – chaos theory – you might it know as the butterfly effect, the idea that when a butterlfy flaps its wings, it has the potential to create major change.

Time will tell, whether or not this show survives. Is it going to switch to different eras – the Civil War, preventing the assasination of Archduke Franz Fernandez?  I hope we get the chance to find out! xoxo.

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