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Conversations with your best friends have a way of leading to realizations – those things you’re doing to stand in your own way. This article from Greatist also provided some insight. The author Dr. Darya Rose, wrote about how her desire to be professionally accomplished led to de-prioritize the need to cook for herself.

As with most new habits, the number one limiting factor in creating change was my own mind. More specifically, the limiting beliefs I had about myself and my identity.

A former ballerina, Rose wrote about how her upbringing, environments, and subsequent thought processes led to her discovering a love for both good food, and the process of creating it.

Limiting beliefs come from within, but they are shaped by the world around us. For instance, had I grown up in a culture that put more value on home cooking, say in France or Italy, I probably wouldn’t have belittled it so much in my mind. Is it surprising that I finally learned how to work a stove while studying abroad in Italy? I don’t think so.

The article’s a good read, especially for this time of year. One way to look at January 1st is that it’s another day, any day can and should be a fresh start. But it’s a good time for self reflection: what’s holding you back? Is it fear, doubt, confidence or something else. There’s a beauty in realizing you have the power to change your life, to get past your obstacle and accomplish the things you want. And there’s no day like today!

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